Dark Mirage

Eduardo and Belkis have lived in San Felipe for more than 25 years. These middle class intellectuals have seen radical changes in their way of life over the past twenty years. Just a few years ago, they were spending freely on holidays, restaurants and cultural events. But since 2015, Eduardo has tightly reined in all of the family’s spending. “It’s the only way we can survive. All we have is my salary as a university professor,” he explains. Between 2015 and 2017, the family’s food budget rose from 36.4% of their income to 84.5%. The Bolivarian revolution launched by the charismatic, populist Commander Hugo Chávez played a major part in improving Venezuelans’ living standards, education and health.  But in the meantime, Eduardo’s family is finding it hard to make ends meet – simply because Venezuela is now experiencing the worst inflation ever in its entire history.