Paul is a freelance photojournalist and was born in 1992 in Belgium. He graduated in 2016 from the Brussels journalist university, IHECS, where he studied photojournalism. Based for the moment in Brussels, he works as freelance for the press news agency, PhotoNews. While he is continuing to focus himself on long-term projects, as the Mormon missionary.

He had worked on a long-term project on the illegal immigrants’ camp in France, on the funeral tradition of Indonesian tribes, in gentrification of Morocco. Last summer, he was in seven weeks in Venezuela were spent in three different families to gain another view of the Venezuelan crisis, a more personal insight into families who are each searching for solutions. In October 2018, he is going to return to continue this long-term project.

He won the vocation grant 2018.


Email: paulhanot@gmail.com

Phone: +32479562954